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  1. NAS Server Type: Desktop
  1. NAS Storage (100)
  1. Synology
NAS Server Type
  1. Desktop
  2. Rackmount
Model No.
  1. Synology DS216
  2. Synology DS216SE
  3. Synology DS416
  4. Synology DS416PLAY
  5. Synology DS1515+
  6. Synology DS1815+
With Hard Drive
  1. Yes
  1. Two Bays
  2. Four Bays
  3. Five Bays
  4. Eight Bays
Controller Type
  1. SATA
  1. LAN
Storage Capacity
  1. 2TB HDD
  2. 3TB HDD
  3. 4TB HDD
  4. 6TB HDD
  5. 8TB HDD
  6. 9TB HDD
  7. 10TB HDD
  8. 12TB HDD
  9. 14TB HDD
  10. 15TB HDD
  11. 16TB HDD
  12. 18TB HDD
  13. 20TB HDD
  14. 21TB HDD
  15. 24TB HDD
  16. 28TB HDD
  17. 30TB HDD
  18. 32TB HDD
  19. 36TB HDD
  20. 42TB HDD
  21. 48TB HDD
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  • KD 77 KD 883
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