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  1. Storage Capacity: 8TB HDD
  1. Server Accessories (1)
  1. IBM
Designed for
  1. Lenovo M5 Server
Drive Size
  1. 3.5-inch
  1. SATA-2
Drive Speed
  1. 7200 RPM
Storage Capacity
  1. 72GB
  2. 1050GB SSD
  3. 2.1TB SSD
  4. 146GB HDD
  5. 300GB HDD
  6. 500GB HDD
  7. 600GB HDD
  8. 900GB HDD
  9. 1TB HDD
  10. 1.2TB HDD
  11. 1.8TB HDD
  12. 2TB HDD
  13. 3.6TB HDD
  14. 7.2TB HDD
  15. 8TB HDD
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  • KD 250 KD 251

Server & Workstations

The necessity of server and workstations has gradually increased with the passage of time.
Keeping in mind your budget, you can browse through available options such as tower servers and rack servers. The site is proud to display some of the best electronic offers in Kuwait, which makes it instantly popular amongst hundreds of customers!