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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How it works?
Register yourself with Affiliate Program and whenever visitors follow links from your website, to, you will be given the commission.
How can I Participate?
Register for Affiliate program by signing up on our Affiliate registration page. We will then review and send you a confirmation mail once it gets approved. Choose from our wide selection of attractive offers & deals, select the best ones suitable for you and promote them on your website.
What are the benefits of Joining wantITbuyIT affiliate Programme?
Provide you with a user friendly dashboard. Ability to track clicks, transactions, sale amount and affiliate payout. Easy sharing and updation of offers. Easy validation process of transactions.
What is the cost to join wantITbuyIT affiliate Programme?
There is no cost to join our Affiliate program, Its absolutely FREE! Just register and start earning money.
How much commissions can I earn?
We give 1.5% Commission on all products of our site.
Where can I track Clicks or Transactions?
You can track all data from your registered account on wantITbuyIT. If any click or Transaction is made from your referral link, It will be reflected on your account dashboard.
When can I get Payment and Transaction Validation Report?
We provide Payment on the first day of month and we will send Transaction Validation Report to you via email.
How to place Pixel?
You just need to copy the code and paste it on your website.
What are the modes of payment available?
We pay affiliate only by Electronic Fund Transfer
Is there any limit on minimum threshold of payments or orders?
wantitbuyit will accrue and withhold payment of Referral Fee until the total amount due is at least $50 and total approved orders are at least 2.
Can I Register without a website?
We can only approve affiliate requests that have the appropriate websites to promote our products and services.
What Billing details required?
You can enter your billing details by presenting us the following required fields: Payee/Company Name: Name of the Bank Account Holder Account Number: Bank Account number where payments will be transferred Bank Name: Name of bank where above Account is present